Saratov departments

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Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Head of Department
Bukharov Lydia, MD, Ph.D., associate professor

The department operates in accordance with the unified Russian educational standards, which are developed on the basis of the curriculum, work programs and manuals for teachers and students, as the methodical providing of training in obstetrics and gynecology.
Conducted elective cycles in pediatric gynecology and neonatology. The main principle of training of students includes the preparation of the general practitioner.
Held post-graduate education: education and certification of doctors refresher courses; training medical residents, medical interns, post-graduate students.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is the teaching of the following disciplines:
· Obstetrics
· Obstetrics and gynecology
· Nursing in obstetrics and gynecology

Department of Internal Medicine

Head of Department
Semenenko Vladimir Vladimirovich, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Internal Medicine is the teaching of the following disciplines:
· Internal illnesses
· Propaedeutics Internal Medicine
· Faculty Therapy
· Practical training: Physician Assistant

Department of humanities

Head of Department
Kuz’kin Alexei Petrovich, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Department of humanities are taught in the following disciplines:
· Bioethics
· Foreign language
· History
· History of medicine
· The history of homeland
· Cultural
· Latin language and terminology bases
· Medical Law
· Law
· Pravovovye foundations of health
· Russian language and culture of speech
· Philosophy
· Economy
· Health Economics
· Economic theory
· Ethics, law, management in dentistry

Major natural – scientific disciplines

Head of Department
Sinkeev Sergey, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of science education is teaching the following
· Analytical chemistry
· Bioorganic chemistry
· Computer science
· Information technologies in professional activity
· Mathematics
· Medical Informatics
· General and Inorganic Chemistry
· Organic chemistry
· Basics of algorithms. Global information resources. biomedical statistics
· Physics
· Physics mathematics
· Physical and Colloid Chemistry
· Chemistry

At the disposal of students has a computer class, equipped
chemical and physical laboratories.

Department of Rehabilitation and Nursing
Head of Department
Pimenov Alexander, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Rehabilitation and Nursing is the teaching of the following disciplines:
· BC
· BC, disaster medicine
· Health
· Health and Human Ecology
· First aid
· Healthy man and his environment
· History of Nursing
· Medical rehabilitation
· Environmental health
· General nursing
· Organization of preventive work with the population
· Basics of communication psychology
· Fundamentals of rehabilitation
· Fundamentals of Nursing
· Fundamentals of Ecology and Nature Protection
· Education with teaching methodology
· Educational and Developmental Psychology
· First aid
· Psychology
· Psychology of professional activity
· Psychology and pedagogy
· Sanology
· Nursing
· Nursing in Geriatrics
· Nursing in family medicine
· Nursing care
· Nursing in Surgery
· Theory of Nursing
· Control Theory
· Nursing
· Physical Culture.
· Teaching practice: nursing, therapeutic and surgical, psychological and pedagogical, managerial
· Practical training: assistant junior medical staff, assistant ward nurse, assistant nurse procedural
Department of dentistry
Head of Department
Dubrovskaya Maria Vadimovna, PhD, Associate Professor

stomatology department conducts the teaching of the following disciplines:
· Dentures (easy)
· Diseases of the Head and Neck
· Implantology and reconstructive oral surgery
· Karislogiya and diseases of dental hard tissues
· Clinical Dentistry
· Materials Science
· Local anesthesia and anesthesiology in dentistry
· Orthodontics and prosthetic baby
· Periodontology
· Propedevtika
· Prevention and municipal dentistry
· Prevention of dental diseases
· Oral surgery
· Endodontics
· Practical training: assistant dentist (hygienist), (preventive dentistry and municipal), a surgeon, a therapist.
The department is equipped with the latest dental equipment, instruments and supplies, equipped with modern phantom class. The bases for the teaching of the department disciplines are private and municipal hospitals of Saratov.
Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology
Head of Department
Burshina Svetlana, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, is teaching in the following disciplines:
· History of Pharmacy
· Botany
· Modern methods of microscopy and chemical analysis of medicinal plants
· Modern methods of organic synthesis of drugs
· Pharmaceutical database
· Pharmacology
· Clinical Pharmacology
· Pharmaceutical Technology
· Biotechnology
· Pharmacognosy
· Pharmaceutical Chemistry
· Toxicological Chemistry
· Medical and Pharmaceutical Commodity
· Management and economics of pharmacy
· Pharmaceutical Information
· The role and place of herbal medicine to modern medicine
· The cell as a source of biologically active substances that are used for designing new drugs
· Modern approaches to standardization of domestic and foreign medicines
· Merchandising in pharmacies / dosage forms used in homeopathy
· Farmakotehnologiya parapharmaceutical, medical cosmetic and dietary supplements / Preparation of biologically active substances for the construction of new medicines in modern biotechnology
· Biological Chemistry
The Department is issuing for students majoring in 33.05.01 (060301.65) “Pharmacy”.
Much attention is paid to students’ practice. Bases of practice include the organization of the health system, medical institutions and the pharmaceutical industry.
There are educational and industrial practices:
– Pharmaceutical Propaedeutic
– Field practice in botany
– The practice of Pharmacognosy
– Practice common pharmaceutical technology
– Procurement and reception of medicinal raw materials
– Pharmaceutical Technology
– Quality control of medicines
– Management and economics of pharmaceutical institutions

Scientific activity
Students at the Department are engaged in scientific developments, participate in student koferentsii and competitions. The department operates scientific circle.
Chair of Surgical Diseases
Head of Department
Corporals Sergey Nikolaevich, Dr. IU


World health organization
Medical council of India
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