Educational process

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Types of independent work
Conventionally, independent work of students on the purpose can be divided into basic and additional.
Basic self-study (BSR) prepares the student for the current classroom training and control activities for all subjects of the curriculum. The results of this training are manifested in the activity of the student in the classroom and in the quality of the executed tests, test questions, made presentations and other forms of monitoring.
Basic CP may include the following activities:
• Work with lecture material, providing
• elaboration of lecture notes and textbooks;
• Search (selection) and review of the literature and electronic sources
• information on individual courses given problem;
• homework or home control
• work involving problem solving, performance
• exercise and issued on a practical training;
• Study material for self-imposed
• elaboration;
• Workshop on the subject matter with
• software;
• Preparation for laboratory work, practical and
• Seminars;
• Preparation for tests and workshops;
• preparation for offset and certification;
• writing an essay (essay, report, scientific article) on
• a given problem.
Additional independent work (JEM) is aimed at deepening and reinforcement of knowledge of the student, the development of analytical skills on issues of discipline.
JEM may include the following activities:
• exam preparation;
• execution of course work or project;
• research and participation in scientific student
• conferences, seminars and competitions;
• analysis of scientific publications in advance certain
• teacher topic;
• analysis of statistical and empirical data for a given
• subject, carrying out calculations, preparation of schemes and models based on
• statistics.
A student starts studying discipline, gets information about all kinds of independent work on the course with the release of the base of independent work (BSR) and more independent work (JEM), including choice.


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