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REAVIZ Medical University

One of the leading russian medical university

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Study medicine in Russia

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REAVIZ Medical University has one of the best medical courses in Russia

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Why study in REAVIZ medical university

  • European medical education

    REAVIZ medical university provides high quality medical courses for international students

  • Low tuition fees

    REAVIZ medical university offers much more lower tuition fees then a lot of other universities

  • Guarantee admission

    REAVIZ medical university guarantees admission for all international students

  • Guarantee visa

    Students of REAVIZ medical university will get guarantee visa in russian embassy


Medical university

Welcome to our University

Medical University “REAVIZ” is the first non-state medical school in Russia and today it remains the only non-state medical school with state accreditation and a license. The university has established interdepartmental research laboratories, developing intercollegiate integration in many scientific fields with the participation of academic research institutes, grants for high-tech nanotechnologies in surgery, therapy, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry, pharmacy are being implemented. The main mission of the REAVIZ medical university is to improve the health of people through the training of students and doctors in the latest achievements of medical science and practice. Today, the REAVIZ Medical University has the task of raising the level of scientific training of students and young teachers, further developing innovative educational technologies, and creating their own clinical bases, which will allow our university to move to a new level of medical training.

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REAVIZ Departments

Therapeutic department

Study General Medicine / MBBS in REAVIZ

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Dentistry department

Study dentistry in REAVIZ

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Pharmacy department

Study pharmacy in REAVIZ

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Medical Social
General Medicine department

Study General Medicine in REAVIZ

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Department of Postgraduate and Further Education

Get Postgraduate Education in REAVIZ

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