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Medical Institute “REAVIZ” is one of the first non-state medical higher education institutions in our country. “REAVIZ” occupies an honourable place in the list of leading educational institutions of Samara. It substantially contributes into the development of science and into the education of health care manpower. Year after year “REAVIZ” lives up to its reputation of a notable, stable and competitive educational institution.

Nowadays “REAVIZ” is recognized by the professional community not in Samara only but abroad as well. In April of 2003 Medical Institute “REAVIZ” was awarded the American Golden Certificate of Quality, which is considered to be an evidence of the international acknowledgement.

Many scientific directions are developed in Medical Institute “REAVIZ” through the use of research laboratories between different sub-departments within the institute and also interconnections between different universities. Our institute actively collaborates with the academic research institutes with the object of the implementation of grants which were awarded for the development of nanotechnology. “REAVIZ” successfully carries out a number of practical projects in surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, dentistry and pharmacy. Our institute follows the best traditions of academic and research schools of Russia.

The majority of leaders of departments and chairs are the followers of distinguished scholars, who were founders of Soviet scientific medical schools. Our main aim is the training of health care staff, of young people who should become highly professional physicians in the nearest future. The most important quality for these professionals should be the integration of the greatest responsibility and the inner freedom of this profession, of scientific research and practical achievements.

Rector of Medical Institute “REAVIZ”, Doctor of Medical
Science, professor
Nikolay A. Lyssov

Medical Institute “REAVIZ” (this name is an abbreviation of Russian words meaning “Rehabilitation, Doctor and Health”) – was organized in 1993 at the initiative of the Samara State Medical University and some outstanding medical academicians of the Samara region: Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences A. F. Krasnov; Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Laureate of the State Prize of Russia, two-time Laureate of the Prize of the Russian Federation Government G. P. Kotelnikov and Professor I. P. Balmasova.

Nowadays Medical Institute “REAVIZ” holds a license to perform educational activities and also possesses the state educational accreditation which allows it to issue state-recognized diplomas and certificates.

The main distinctive features of our institute nowadays are:
Innovative technologies are intensively introduced into academic activities. Distance education is actively implemented for students, who use extramural and individual programs of studies; for example, on-line methods of teaching are incorporated, such as solving of interactive medical challenges. Video course “Doctor’s consultation service” is used during practical classes. The English language is widely used in teaching medical knowledge, for example, there is a popular students’ magazine club. Alternate forms of studying (extramural, evening, individual, distance) are especially in demand among professionals with vocational high education as it allows to study alongside employment.

Curriculums and study programs are ultimately adjusted to the educational level and individual needs of certain categories of students. This idea has found its implementation in the form of the so-called individual education (which is not practiced in state universities) and also in the possibility of obtaining the second higher education in all areas of professional medical specialization in shortened period of time. Students who study according to that kind of curriculum are not part of established study groups, but meet in fluctuating groups of 2-3 people to study certain subjects. They attend lectures and practical classes according to an individual curriculum which is approved yearly by the Academic Council of the institute. From our point of view it is a very promising form of training of medical staff and qualified pharmaceutical chemists which is used nowadays in the institute. This form proves its worth in the post-graduate training of highly qualified professionals.

Our institute is actively taking part in social rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities and wheelchair users.

The main aim of Medical Institute “REAVIZ” is to train professional medical staff according to the requirements of the state educational standard with specializations as follows:

  • — 060101 – General Medicine
  • — 060104 – Preventive Medicine
  • — 060105 – Dentistry
  • — 060108 – Pharmacy
  • — 060109 – Nursing care

Major tasks on the way of achieving this aim are: overall support of academic activities; preservation and development of scientific researches; selection of effective forms of collaboration with public health service in new economic environment; exploitation of the potential of the institute to the full in an effort to boost the health indicators of the population of the Samara region.

A consistent gradual and well-defined system of training of medical staff is introduced nowadays in Samara Medical Institute:

  • — Pre-higher education training;
  • — Standard graduating education;
  • — Post-graduate and further education.


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