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In the journal “Morphological Gazette” publishes scientific articles on problems of morphology, anatomy, anthropology, histology, embryology, information on international scientific conferences, publication of the official materials.

The magazine is registered by the Ministry of Information and Press of the Russian Federation.

PI №77-15905 on July 15, 2003.

ISSN: 1812-3171

A brief history of the journal “Morphological Gazette”

The predecessor of the magazine is a collection of “Actual problems of morphology”, published in Izhevsk. Actually the magazine “Russian morphological statements”, was published in 1993 – 1994 gg. the efforts of academician BA Nikitiuk and prof. LL Kolesnikov. Magazine published in Moscow, practically did not contain illustrations. The outputs are not regularly produced several rooms.

Since 1995 – the publisher of the magazine deals Udmurt branch VRNO AGE. Journal numbering is set to 1997 – 1998 years. – A year is published four twin rooms – 1-2 – 3-4.

Since 2002, the magazine was renamed in “Morphological statements” – at one time was a joint information publication of the Russian and Belarusian companies AGE, later published in conjunction with the Berlin Institute for Molecular Medicine and the system.

Since 2008 the magazine is published as an information edition of the Russian Scientific Society of AGE.

Since 2009. magazine is published in Samara. Since 2010, published four times a year in private rooms.

The journal is included in the list of HAC and RISC.

The full texts of the articles can be found at:

Reviews of magazine paper
Magazine “Morphological News” is of great scientific interest to researchers in the field of anatomy, anthropology, histology, cytology, embryology and cell biology. The journal publishes articles under review, general theoretical plan, the original research article methodical direction, commemorative messages.
The magazine is printed on good paper, micrographs of excellent quality, confirming the authenticity of the articles of morphological studies. Moreover, all illustrations presented in the magazine with the detailed description of drawings. For morphologists researchers it allows to obtain information of interest in new scientific areas.
Published in the journal “Morphological statements” scientific articles posted on the Internet in the system of “Russian Science Citation Index” on the platform of the Scientific Electronic Library. The magazine also has a foreign citation.

Head. the Department of normal anatomy with courses of forensic medicine, topographical anatomy and operative surgery VPO “Mordovia State University im.N.P.Ogareva”, MD, professor IN Chairkin and staff of the department.
We, the undersigned, researchers clinical department “of the Moscow Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology. G.N.Gabrichevskogo Rospotrebnadzor – Shcherbakov IT, a leading researcher, MD; NI Leontiev, Senior Researcher, Doctor of Medical Sciences, as well as EG Shcherbakov, head of the Laboratory of Cytology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education Ministry of Health of Russia to thank the editors of the magazine “Morphological statements” for the rapid publication of our articles in the said journal. This journal is published widely, not only the work of the morphological profile, but also those in which morphological methods to solve actual clinical questions. “Morphological Gazette” is a scientific journal with a good exterior design, where scientific data are printed on high quality paper with beautiful illustrations particularly necessary in the publication of works of morphological content.

Shcherbakov IT, dmn.
NI Leontiev, dmn.

The journal deals with promptly and in a timely manner the most important scientific, educational, informative information, very useful wide range of scientists, graduate students, anatomy, histology, cytology, embryology and experimental

Chairman of the Dagestan branch of CME AGE RF Head. cafes. human anatomy Daggosmedakademii, d. m. Sc., prof. T.S.Guseynov

Magazine “Morphological Gazette” publishes scientific articles on current topics and reflects the trends of the modern morphological science. The magazine is a forum for the discussion of various issues, both experimental and methodical Palau.

The staff of the Department of Genetics, Mordovia State University them. NPOgareva.


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